Top 10 Signs That You Have Too Much Debt

If any of these statements apply to you, it's time to stop and take immediate action to remedy the problem.

1. You don’t have any savings.

2. You can only afford to make the minimum payment on your credit cards each month.

3. You continue to make purchases on your credit cards while you're trying to pay them off.

4. You have at least one credit card that is near, at, or over, the credit limit.

5. You are occasionally late in making payments on bills, credit cards, or other expenses.

6. You don’t know how much your total debt is or what is on your credit report.

7. You use credit card cash advances to pay bills or cash advances from payday lenders to cover expenses between pay periods.

8. You NSF cheques or overdraw your bank accounts.

9. You’ve been denied credit and/or creditors are calling regarding your overdue accounts.

10. You're not honest with friends or family about your spending and debt.

Is debt holding you back and stopping you from reaching your financial goals? Credit can be a powerful tool that helps you buy a home or vehicle, send children to college, and provide opportunities to make larger purchases. However, if you accumulate too much debt, it can become a serious financial problem.

While it can be difficult to admit it when you’ve reached a critical point with your debt situation, the first step to becoming debt free is recognizing that you have a problem. If you are facing a financial crisis, don't wait - contact us today for a free consultation to discuss the options available to you. 


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