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How much do you owe:



Pat and Debra were just amazing. They were very compassionate during this stressful time. Despite the current face to face Covid restrictions, I was able to sign my proposal without any direct personal contact in a manner that worked best for me and my personal safety.


Thank you thank you Savi!! Wishing you and your family all the best in the days, weeks years ahead. Wishing Ron and the rest of your colleagues all the best too. This is a difficult and emotional process to go through and you guys made it a lot easier! Always answered my questions quickly and you always put my mind at ease. I am grateful that I went through this process with Brief & Associates. Stay safe and healthy! We will get through this together!


Hi Angie,
Thank-you for all your kindness and diligence in handling my personal financial matters during the time, I really do appreciate you and your team professionalism. Thanks again.

Anniesa P.